Creative advertising from cars4community

Creative Advertising

This is the original way to create a mobile and 360° view advertising that will be noticed in the streets. Colour and model of the car can be chosen and we look for drivers in our drivers community.

  • You make the car as striking as you wish
  • 360° view
  • Dynamic advertising
  • More visibility

Community building

Create engagement through your most loyal clients or employees by sending them relevant and personal content. They will share your message with their network. Mobile and social marketing is becoming indispensable.

  • Influence: determine the dialogue & work together with your target group
  • Share knowledge: interaction with your target group
  • Reporting: analyse the communication
  • Entertain: let people know where you stand for
Community building with cars4community
social sharing

Social sharing

Deploying messaging for brand awareness through community is highly scalable and cost-efficient for your business. We show you the impact that social sharing has on your reach and your visibility.

  • Non-intrusive
  • Measurable impact on visibility and reach
  • Social platform and  Gamification
  • Word-of-mouth principle

Why choose us?

Today, Omni channel marketing is becoming very important for marketeers. Marketeers cannot play the market in one way or another, but it’s the combination of different channels that makes a campaign to a success!

For now, we are the only ones that know out of personal experience how to successfully combine offline and online to the greater satisfaction of advertisers, personalised car drivers and brand ambassadors, stakeholders and potential customers in general.

We’re convinced that it is important to measure carefully and continuously the progress made, the evolution of objectives and the parameters used to measure those objectives.

We are a team of 4 specialist surrounded with the best parties. We literally drive offline campaigns to boost online campaigns!

Higher effectiveness


Studies proved that word of mouth prompted consumers with 41% to search online for a particular company, product, service or slogan. Offline marketing boosts online effect by 40%*. So, offline needs to be considered as part of any marketing mix. We will help you to do both in an original way.

Broader reach online and offline


ONLINE: Ambassadorship becomes more and more a part of your strategy. Did you know that 1 ambassador shares content on 2,4 networks, reaches 317 peers and influences 4,96% to click on branded content? We do know that and make it happen for you!

OFFLINE: People are accustomed to seeing advertising in familiar places: on billboards, on TV and on websites. If you – marketeer – want your message to stand out, you need to think of new ways to connect with your audience in places that are unexpected. With Cars4Community we drive and transport your message everywhere to connect!

Higher impact online and offline


People are far more likely to trust a message from friends over any type of brand communication. We let people on the street spread your message. The impact of your offline and online campaigns can be tracked to measure. We have the knowledge to help you with these measurements.

More engagement


People really feel part of the cause. You – marketeers – expect to own end-to-end customer engagement for your companies as the steward of the customer journey in the next three to five years. So, make your customers part of your marketing strategy and reward them for their engagement.

Client satisfaction

Just a few examples of our clients that benefit from Cars4Community

In a way it’s ironic that advertisers almost have to turn to offline marketing to 'think outside the box' nowadays. While you still can be cutting-edge and creative with online marketing, the offline world still offers many untapped advantages. We offer you a channel that exposes your message to your audience while walking around in the real world and tell about your message in the online world.

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