Cars4Community combines online and offline to increase your brand awareness and consumer engagement

Cars4Community is all about sharing information in a way that feels less corporate and more personal.

It's all about sharing the message using social media.
Sharing the message = sharing the costs = win-win for all parties

Creative advertising

This is the original way to create a mobile and 360° view advertising that will be noticed in the streets. Colour and model of the car can be chosen and we look for drivers in our drivers community.​


  • You make the car as striking as you wish
  • 360° view
  • Dynamic advertising
  • More visibility​

Community building

Create engagement through your most loyal clients or employees by sending them relevant and personal content. They will share your message with their network. Mobile and social marketing at its best.​


  • Influence: determine the dialogue by working together with your target group
  • Share knowledge: interaction with your target group
  • Reporting: analyse the communication
  • Entertain: let people know where you stand for

Social sharing

Deploying messaging for brand awareness through community is highly scalable and cost-efficient for your business. We show you the impact that social sharing has on your reach and your visibility.​


  • Non-intrusive
  • Measurable impact on visibility and reach
  • Social platform
  • Gamification
  • Word-of-mouth principle

Case Study: Our latest initiative in Glabbeek

Car Sharing

Your publicity in this unique place. Increase your local visibility by offering a true brand experience and reach thousands of contact moments per month.

Car Sharing Advantages


Unique locations in your local community - typically supported by your local municipality

High visibility

Massive brand awareness while cars are being driven in the municipality itself and beyond

Be seen

Our experiences show that a shared car drives around +/- 800 km per month on average

The perfect way to achieve brand engagement:

Client satisfaction

Just a few examples of our clients that benefit from Cars4Community

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